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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post

Nor against bearhugs and many other possible ways of controlling an opponent, for instance:

I wonder, is this the style of aikido you practise?

well, to answer your question - as for the first video, actually excuse me if I take the liberty of insisting that's not aikido - unless I am wrong, the Sensei there is not showing to his pupils what they must do, but illustrating what an attacker might do.

In this respect, we are not encouraged, and I don't think that Sensei was encouraging, to react to an aggression producing, for instance, that bear hug - rather, you are shown a few possible attacks, to which you have to react with some techinique that is Aikido.

Uke could also attack you with a set of jab/right, yet certainly we would not deduce that hitting somebody with jab and right is the aikido technique expected by tori. The same, in my subjective perception, applies to bear hugs.
I mean, if you allow me to be cheeky, if we go that path, then also extracting a knife and pushing it deep in my opponent belly could be: I used aikido to defend myself, I used a tanto!

As for the last video, probably you're not going to believe me (I have at times the impression I may sound like somebody telling stories) I know that dojo. They have a good thing, they have randori as a daily practice - that, at least, leaves to you a training space where you can act with some liberty.
The video doesn't make justice to them: actually they have an approach to aikido that is more aggressive than other dojos I know - though by my standards still utterly insufficient - but that's me and my absurd ideals

When you say "they don't focus in teaching an aikido with inmediate aplicability to violent encounters" - Demetrio, that seems unfortunately the situation with nearly all dojos.

I have to train in the way I do because a dojo where they say to uke: now attack this guy, without any complacency, and throw punches all the way and pursue him till you corner him, everything goes, refuse any complacency when he attempts a technique, and use both arms, and if he gets a smack on his face well that's a Martial Arts dojo - never seen such a dojo,

But how can I, or anyone else I guess, hope of having been really trained to meet so complex a situation (I repost: ), if such a situation is never reproduced in our default training?
That was/is my dilemma.

With this, let me thank you again for your videos and time. It's most appreciated!
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