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Demetrio Cereijo
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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Alberto Italiano wrote: View Post
As for chokes or bear hugs - I said they are not aikido because of these two elements:
1) any iriminage that would end up with choking my adversary, would end up also with the Sensei showing me( and rightly so) the door lol
However, there are sensei that do not seem to have nothing against chokes (and other "nasty" things like elbows to the face), for instance: (starting at 2:20)

Nor against bearhugs and many other possible ways of controlling an opponent, for instance:

So maybe we are talking of one of the many versions/interpretations of aikido around, not about aikido in a general sense.

2) on a more serious level, what i mean is this: chokes and bear hugs are not techniques not uniquely because they are not taught but, in my personal perception (which as such can be wrong), inasmuch as they are just natural brute force reactions, painted with a dash of despair, that anybody might attempt also without any Martial training.
My personal perception about these techniqes is different, because (a) they were taught to me and (b) they require skill and finesse for being properly done.

My idea is that of banning any resort to brute force while in a situation where my opponent can use it freely.
Of course.

I wonder, is this the style of aikido you practise?

Maybe you could find, if interested in learning how aikido works when faced with resisting opponents, another aikido style more appropiate to your interests. Not that the one seen in the video lacks value, but it seems they don't focus in teaching an aikido with inmediate aplicability to violent encounters.

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