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Re: Angry white pyjamas (One year instructor programme in Lancaster, UK)

Paul Sparks wrote: View Post
The organisation is a not for profit organisation. No one has a salary and the cost gives a student somewhere to live, meals for five days, and over 1000 hours each tuition. After you pay for everything, and it is a pretty big list, there would not be a great deal left over. For example the venue we hire just for our club had a 60,000 per year running cost bill! We would have a venue, running costs, phone lines and internet, food, transport (minibus) to take the students to other clubs, IT facilities, printers, audio / visual equipment............the list goes on. Yes it is a large amount but it is priced failrly for what a student may receive. At the end of the year there may be some profit but that would go into the organisation and towards another one year course. Do some research into the whole project idea Joe and see how cheaply you could run an uchi deshi instructor programme for!
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Dear Paul,
Sainsburys state that a family of four can be fed for a fiver a day[I appreciate it may well be a basic menu] however on that basis
the 30 guys would be [rounding up ] a cost of 8X5.00X 5days=200.00.On the weekends when the candidates are self supporting they could indulge themselves in an extra treat [maybe a Mars Bar?] Your Dojo costs would be the same[ 60000].So while you may well drive a minibus [no mention of annual mileage} or printing costs etc.
including compulsory training of 1000 hrs[20 hrs a week ]I think there will be some meat on the bone after the course is finished.
Any way, its not uncommon for groups claiming to be non profit making or charitable instituitions to pay 'honorariums 'to their officers.If however your profits {if any]are solely used for the benefit of your group you deserve /merit my admiration and respect.
All the best , Joe.
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