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Angry white pyjamas (One year instructor programme in Lancaster, UK)

Iwama Ryu North West will be running a one year Instructor programme, based in Chorley, Lancashire, UK

In Japan there is a zero to black belt course run for the Tokyo riot police. This course is spread out over a year and is very intensive. It is also available to foreign students, interested in Aikido. A former student of this course, Robert Twigger, wrote about his experiences of this course and life in Japan, a very interesting book entitled, Angry White Pyjamas. Iwama Ryu North west has received permission from Mr Twigger to use this name and link it to our own version of the course.

The whole experience of our one year programme shall be based upon the "uchi-deshi" experience. Uchi deshi simply translates as live in student. Each person to enrol on this course will live in at the dojo (training hall) for the duration of the course. Everything revolves around the study of Aikido. Students will have access to a kitchen to prepare meals, will work together to maintain the cleanliness of the dojo and work together to develop their Aikido. The whole course is centred around strong basics of the Iwama Ryu syllabus. An extensive library of Aikido books and videos will be available for study. The course will be very intensive with a minimum of five hours tuition per day, Monday to Friday. Two weekends per month will be extra training courses. Overall each student will have logged over 1000 hours tuition, prior to sitting their Shodan (black belt, first dan) test. Each student must also keep a daily logbook of study and self study to be handed in at the end of the course. IT facilities will be available for video diaries. Internet access will also be provided.

This course is costed at 6500-00 per person for the whole year. This will include 3 meals per day, Monday to Friday. Students will have to self cater on weekends. Students will sit the Shodan test at the end of the year under the eye of Sensei Matt Hill, the UK representitive of Hitohira Saito Sensei. There are 30 places available for this instructor programme and any interest should be logged via the website,
Iwama Ryu North west are not responsible for foreign students arranging travel or visas. This instructor programme will commence towards the end of 2011, dates still to be confirmed.
In Aiki,
Iwama Ryu North west.
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