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Re: Tanto Practice - Is true Aikido effective for disarming?

Eric Joyce wrote: View Post
Hi Chris,

By 1-10 pattern do you mean they are basically cutting the shape of a 1, 2, 3, etc.? I assume that is what you meant. I never heard of it before.
You probably never heard of it because it is incorrect. Kali/excrima/arnis systems are not all based around a 10 count pattern. Some are based around 7 angles, some 8, some 12, etc. One of the keys of most systems is to study the possible ways an opponent can bend an arm and attack you with a knife (the lines or angles of possible attack). Different attacks can come from different angles. Some systems emphasize various drills with multiple attacks from the same angle, some vary the angle. Sometimes the cutting methodology is a hit and retract (a hacking cut) and sometimes it is a cut or slash through. Patterns are learned to teach principle and body mechanics. When you fight, you had better be free form and non-repetitive or your pattern will be seen, intercepted, interrupted, and destroyed.

For a better idea of an FMA perspective concerning angles of attack, consider the slash through pattern in my own system, Albo Kali Silat. There are seven cuts, forming an asterisk type pattern, and then a thrust to the center to dot the asterisk. This is a beginning drill/pattern. It gets a lot more complicated from there.

I hoped this helped you rather than confused you. If you want more information on this, PM me or email me so we don't hijack this thread, and I'll try to explain things a bit more clearly (and point you to a couple of online resources that might help you out).
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