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Re: How ready should you be for a test?

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Szczepan,
A test is a platform for a would be applicant for testing to show the examiners that he/she is capable of demonstrating Aiki principles..The way you have answered this blog suggests to me you see a test as a competition of sorts.Any test should have good attacks, spirited correct waza, good posture and kokyu. Testing is not imo a vehicle to launch all sorts of mayhem or to be as an Uke the embodiment of King Kong.Personally I dislike use of the term Test.Any test implies a win /lose mentality.Aikido is not about win /lose , but win /win.
Cheers, Joe.
Hello Joe,
I didn't suggest that countering and resistance (however we may define it) should be part of testing process. So you are reading too much in my message.

However, during preparation for testing, such activities must take a place. It is impossible to develop any decent understanding and embodies aikido principles without those elements. Only AFTER it is done, a candidate will be able to actually demonstrate it while testing!

Otherwise, he and his uke will execute only choreographed, robotic-like movements without any sense.


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