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Marc Abrams
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Re: Effective udekimenage against resistance

Michael Varin wrote: View Post

I like your attitude.

And anyone who reposts the infamous Herman vs. Tohei video gets major respect from me. The attempts to excuse Tohei's blatant lack of skills in that video always make me chuckle. To Tohei's credit I will acknowledge that he was working against a significant weight advantage.

On what basis have you concluded that Tohei Sensei had a blatant lack of skills? I suppose you have some first hand knowledge of that? Maybe you would like to talk about some of the senior deshi of O'Sensei who thought that way as well and told you so? Maybe you have some first hand accounts from some of the well-respected martial artists of that time who made their way through that dojo? Maybe you are just blowing smoke from where the sun don't shine?

As to the discussion at hand, if you are genuinely connected to the attacker, the attack will dictate the technique. The other way around is just hypothetical talk......

Marc Abrams
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