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Re: Effective udekimenage against resistance

Reuben Yap wrote: View Post
Thanks Joe, so you are attacking the elbow joint to execute the throw?

Also this you are cutting the hand as it extends for the punch or prior to it being pulled back to get the control?
Dear Rueben,
The primary objective i Aikido is to avoid being hit.The Irimi /Tenkan motion should if applied correctly put you close to the boxer , but on his dead side.Next thing try and establish control of leading hand , preferably when the motion of the arm is going forward.Difficult to achieve control of an arm/forearm if its retracting.As far as the elbow joint is concerned there must be a direct attack on the joint-if not the guy will barely move/stumble forward .As far as atemi is concerned I would not attack the face -attack in the region of soft tissue rib area.As I said this is not an easy type of opponent to deal with, care must be taken.Apply leverage on elbow /wrist area and drive/use your total body to effect kusushi /kake on Uke. Another point , blend with your opponent,
lead his mind if possible.[I suggest you research articles on subject -Path of an Echo]
cheers, joe
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