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Re: Anyone for an argument?

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You mean the Master De Gucci from Milano or the Master De Gucci from Napoli?
Ah don't even mention both of them in the same line - their dojos are awoved rivals! Master De Gucci from Napoli is a staunch believer of the purest Ki-Aikido, as his video amply demonstrates IMHO, whereas his step-brother, the Master De Gucci in Milano, goes Shodokan.

You have seen Master De Gucci's (in Napoli) style.
See yourself his step-brother Master De Gucci (he is the guy on the left: originally he was Italian, but true Aikido deeply changes persons!) based in Milan and the type of Aikido of his dojo:
That's it their iriminage training routine, and it's gonna work if one understands the true meaning of Aikido!

But they look somewhat different in their approach, I think. No wonder there is constant infighting between their Federations to secure more pupils!

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