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Re: Anyone for an argument?

Graham, you look fabulous with that dogi! I want one too! Where have you found it? I am sure my Sensei would be quite impressed when he sees me stepping on the dojo in it!

And I have even better news: I found a video with Master Nick De Gucci! yes!
You will instantly recognize the dojo by the incense they let diffuse in order to make the atmosphere more Ki-oriented. And you will certainly recognize all the most exquisite Judo jargon that is mandatory once there!

You can tell him because he is the one illustrating the tanto technique; it's true that he grew slow and a bit sluggish and grumpier over time, but well, you can't be a 12th Don and still be as fast as when you were in your 20ies.

However, of course, that's immaterial, because, needless to say, his technique was for demonstration purposes only.

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