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Re: Effective udekimenage against resistance

Ahmad Abas wrote: View Post
Hi Rueben, I don't feel pain when kancho did it to me. But this could be as much because I reacted with the ukemi appropriate to the technique. I didn't go and post my leg out just to see if I could stop his technique. Having analysed that I realise that I haven't truly answered the OP's question I suppose.

In fact to be honest, I've had on occasion some students posting their leg out when I didn't get the enshin right. To which I will then try to project more down through their shoulders which sometimes result in the face plant. So I don't think this is the correct way, not the way my sensei will have it in anycase but it's what I'm physically able to perform at this point in time. I hope to improve.

My dojo is in Bkt Jelutong, you're welcome to come and share experience. Drop me a pm.
Thanks the next time I drop by I will look you guys up!
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