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Re: Effective udekimenage against resistance

Reuben Yap wrote: View Post
Did you feel pain? I understand using it as a fulcrum from the shoulder which is how I did it for many years but to drive the shoulder forward and down, I felt the forward force and was projected forward but I could still remain on my two feet. My whole upper body is already brought down to an almost horizontal line which shows that my balance has been broken but the posting prevented me from having my face planted on the mat and still remain on my two feet.

Is udekimenage is in effect a pain and break compliance technique? In the sense that if you resist, you're going to get your arm broken therefore you better roll. Thing is I think that even if I don't resist the technique and go with the throw, I can still get away on my two feet.

Where is your dojo in Malaysia? Maybe I should pop by and see how it is done (please don't break my arm).
Hi Rueben, I don't feel pain when kancho did it to me. But this could be as much because I reacted with the ukemi appropriate to the technique. I didn't go and post my leg out just to see if I could stop his technique. Having analysed that I realise that I haven't truly answered the OP's question I suppose.

In fact to be honest, I've had on occasion some students posting their leg out when I didn't get the enshin right. To which I will then try to project more down through their shoulders which sometimes result in the face plant. So I don't think this is the correct way, not the way my sensei will have it in anycase but it's what I'm physically able to perform at this point in time. I hope to improve.

My dojo is in Bkt Jelutong, you're welcome to come and share experience. Drop me a pm.

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