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Re: Effective udekimenage against resistance

Reuben Yap wrote: View Post
hahaha well this whole thing is a contradiction.

We are told that Aikido is meant not to harm the opponent. But we are also by told by most instructors that we are to do what is necessary in a self defense situation.

Now assuming if I'm in a self defense situation and somehow get into udekimenage position, my question is, can I throw the guy or do I have to drop him/break his arm to make it work. If so, I'm much better off using a different art. (unlikely for an attacker to comply with your attack).
You know Reuben - we all noticed this thing in Aikido. Of course, we try not to be too vocal about it, also because if we do, we immediately find plenty of guys who explain to us that:
1) it is not so
2) it is for demonstration purposes
3) aikido is too dangerosu - it's lethal, and if you're not extremely careful, who knos what could happen
4) aikido may maim you: if an ikkyo is done in the right way, your arm would end up being on the mat, tore apart
5) oh, it is for demonstration purposes
6) and, last but not least, did I mention it is for demonstration purposes?

What I am saying is: you're right, too many techniques, placed outside of the hypercontrolled setting of many dojos, would miserably fail, and the gap we may discover comparing those videos with what we might witness, instead, with an aikidoka taking real hyperhostile (and no longer hypercontrolled) enemy fire, spreads so vast a gulf that it is seemingly unbridgeable.

However, the idea behind Aikido is so fascinating, that I pursue it.
I pursue it also if dojos at times make me fill sick with their too fictional approach.
I will never be a good aikidoka - this because of my own incompetence and my own quirks, and also because I refuse of considering myself good or bad after the standards of how I can place a ude kime nage on an uke who will do his best to fall down if I sing gingle bell too loud.

But Aikido is beautiful.
And if you can place one of its techniques (I know it's a big if), game over: fight concluded.
How much punishment you took in the meanwhile is open to speculation, of course.

But Aikido is beautiful.
The challenges it poses when you decide you want to make it work against a real situation are fascinating.
And if by chance you manage to land a technique - bingo!

And, perhaps, dojos don't suffice.

develop your aikido too - in that case, drop on his arm and show him the floor. Or don't ever use that technique in a real situation (oh, and don't ever use iriminage too in a real situation)

I don't know.

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