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Re: Effective udekimenage against resistance

It depends on the fact it will never work.

It's a technique that should flow out of your hands in a situation where it seems the spontaneous and suitable thing to do. Unfortunately, very few situations will be such if you end up under real heavy enemy fire.
Without an uke who intentionally falls down, you will never project anyone who is on some strong or mild footing with that stuff.

But we have hope: your last sentence reveals that you got it: the intention of these techniques, just like of ikkyo, probably was that of breaking an arm - place them in a warlike situation like deadly duel, and you start suspecting immediately that they were designed to do much more than what is done on dojos.

So my brutal suggestion is not to project uke, but to ground him. This is the least Aiki thing one can envision and you ought to issue a Wanted board for what I am saying and a ban from all the good and respectable dojos in the world lol - ground him, drop yourself on his shoulder.
This is goin to get your Sensei showing you the door, but if you happen to apply that in a real fight against an attacker with a knife in his hands, you won't have time to post here but, rather, you will be scrambling for dear life.

Drop yoruself on his shoulder, and forget projecting him: ground him face down headlong - his teeth on the floor.

In the dojo, instead, keep pretending it works like in the videos :-D

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