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Re: Re: Responsibility: Teacher's or Student's?

Hi Peter,

Welcome back! I hope your trip Europe went well.
Goldsbury Peter (Peter Goldsbury) wrote:
I have not forgotten the question. In fact, I am not sure you are right. I think "Shihan" (certainly) and "Sensei" (probably) do have a very close connection with teaching and I doubt whether the structure of the words (the putative original meaning of the characters) has such a strong influence on what they mean in contemporary Japanese.

I realise that evidence is needed and I am producing it in the form of a general article which deals with Japanese terms for teaching and learning. I have almost finished it and you will have it as soon as it is ready.
I've be very interested to read what you find about this, as my "hypothesis" is pretty much only that -- just some thoughts I've had without real etymological nor social research. I'd appreciate any insight into this matter!


-- Jun

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