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Effective udekimenage against resistance

Now I have been experimenting with udekimenage against tough resisting opponents (think MMA, BJJ people) and been meeting limited success.

A bit of history, been practicing Aikido for some 18 years maybe and over the past 2 years have taken up MMA. This has been a very educational journey for me in discovering the intricacies of Aikido techniques since I would sometimes horse around with the peeps to try Aikido techniques against them and find that I improved my technique since I understood the mechanics needed to get them working on a resisting opponent. I of course ask them to throw me a more dedicated attack unlike normal MMA strikes so I have some momentum to work with to offbalance them.

The problem with testing these techniques with Aikidoka (even experienced ones) is that their bodies and minds are already conditioned for Aikido movements and even when I tell them to resist, the technique still works on them hence I decided to try this on someone who knows nothing about Aikido and see how it goes.

My findings:
Udekimenage when done like this

doesn't work, even when the person is off balanced. At most it becomes a small projection just projecting him forward but he doesn't fall as he can easily just post his leg forward to stop him from falling.

There is of course the nasty way in which you apply a crank towards the elbow using your shoulder and upper arm but this even with pain doesn't lead to a throw unless the intention is to break his arm by smashing it on the extended arm with my shoulder...which I don't think is very Aiki.

Another thing I tried was locking the arm diagonally across my body and pushing forward and into with my shoulder and hip but this too although generated pain just resulted in a projection as well with no fall. Once again he could just post his leg forward and although it hurt, it was not a throw.

Now I saw a couple of these videos:

and realized that in both these videos there was a slight leg sweep/trip or at least the legs were positioned in a way that prevented the leg from posting. I haven't tried this yet (going to do so asap).

However I was wondering how everyone has been taught udekimenage....with the leg position in a way to trip or without? Are you taught that is an elbow breaking technique?

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