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Re: Ukemi & Connection w/ Kaizen Taki and George Ledyard

Ukemi and Connection Facebook Page

Kaizen Taki from I-90 Systema posted a short video clip taken from a shorter weekend version of the full 4-Day seminar (he did this at Marc Abram's Dojo in Bedford Hills, NY) It's an example of the kind of work that we will be doing during the upcoming four day but with more time to really reprogram ones responses.

Kaizen will deal with how the body carries tension on both a mental and physical level and how to go about moving that tension and really relaxing. I will be addressing how one uses that relaxation to "connect" with ones partner in the martial interaction, how to maintain that connection from start to finish without any breaks, and eventually how maintaining that connection allows virtually instant kaeshiwaza if the partner leaves an opening.

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