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Re: Aikido and Music

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
Oh I agree that the bass line is what drives it all along, and the space between the notes is where the magic of the music resides. And reggae is directly connected to the hips, no doubt, it certainly gets to mine.

I still think that jazz has the edge in the aikido analogies stakes. There is soft, slow, flowing and melodic, there is fast, rhythmic, and full on ('hard bop', which sounds like an MA style in itself), then there is free form improvisation, where the music can find it's own path. Of course there is some pretty bland stuff out there, and some which is not to everyone's taste.

One of my own favourite clips on youtube is this:

I can't help but watch this and admire the partner work, the superb following, the fearless movement, the focus, the energy, the connection, the timing, the physicality and the shear joy of doing. There's a nice bit of movement from the hips (especially at 0:55) and for those that like a well executed throw, then 1:46 should delight. Most aikidoka would love to be able to operate at their level, wouldn't we?


Hey, now that there is MOVEMENT. Excellent. Koshinage's, taisabakis, tenkans, even roundhouse kicks. Oh dear, I'm just a beginner!

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