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Re: Aikido and Music

Rudy Ternbach wrote: View Post
Thank you for your thoughtful reply and the url for the thread which previously addressed this topic. What made me ask this was the other day I got to my new dojo quite a bit earlier than the rest of the class and Sensei was listening to Ray Charles. I thought to myself that this is certainly going to be different. However, it wasn't to be, after a few more minutes passed the music was shut off and I was in a dojo like so many others -- without music. Is it the martial and spiritual traditions which Aikido derives from that have prevented music from being part of its practice? Is it that music is considered a distraction in a dojo which is both a school and a temple to many Senseis? I don't know. I do know that the absence of music is remarkable.
Best regards,

P.S. Mies Davis would be great but Ray Charles would be nice too.

Janet & Graham,

I am only a beginner and I feel this is turning into randori. I think I need to put on some music to stimulate the part of my brain where my Aikido is stored--might be right next to the Roots Rock gyrus.
Rudy. Not sure what you mean there and if you think my mention of reggae was a dig. No, it was merely a response to Mark tongue in cheek. I liked the question, that's why I answered.

All the best.G.
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