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Re: Aikido and Music

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Hi all,
I remember asking a very similar question when I was quite new to AW - some interesting replies -
I don't use music in the dojo, but still am of the mind that the soundtrack that fits aikido the most, from a structural point of view is improvised Jazz.
Thank you for your thoughtful reply and the url for the thread which previously addressed this topic. What made me ask this was the other day I got to my new dojo quite a bit earlier than the rest of the class and Sensei was listening to Ray Charles. I thought to myself that this is certainly going to be different. However, it wasn't to be, after a few more minutes passed the music was shut off and I was in a dojo like so many others -- without music. Is it the martial and spiritual traditions which Aikido derives from that have prevented music from being part of its practice? Is it that music is considered a distraction in a dojo which is both a school and a temple to many Senseis? I don't know. I do know that the absence of music is remarkable.
Best regards,

P.S. Mies Davis would be great but Ray Charles would be nice too.

Janet & Graham,

I am only a beginner and I feel this is turning into randori. I think I need to put on some music to stimulate the part of my brain where my Aikido is stored--might be right next to the Roots Rock gyrus.

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