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Re: Help! Explaing Diferences in Aikido Styles.

In the heat of an actual fight you won't have time to be gentle: you will be too busy being scared, working out the confusion, closing (unfortunately) your eyes under flashes of incoming arms & stuff, you will do goofy things, you will be too confused by hearing screams and crashing objects (on which you may trip...) and guys yelling and threatening you alleging they are going to kill you and women yell and cry and people fleeing all around and tables turned and glasses broken, you will see flahses of light when a blow lands on your chin and if you don't know that's normal you will be scared to death and think you have been heavily damaged wheeras you have not, and you will instinctively use your force too.

Once you feel confidence, which I haven't with aikido and which can come only by dealing frequently with aggressive ukes, eventually you will know what to do. Until you have not a clear feeling that you know what to do and what comes next even under a frantic attack, you won't be able to afford "gentle, flowing motions".
You can do them in a dojo, as you learn - but a real attacker will pose to you an entirely different challenge, under a pshycological point of view, under the brutal force he will produce, and as far as unpredictable items and weapons can be suddenly produced out of the blue.

I can't remember what heavyweights champion once answered, after having been brutally insulted by a guy and having being very kind in return: "once you have been worldwide champion, you can afford being gentle".

This applies to techniques also: once you are confident and comfortable within an actual fight, then your techniques can become gentle too, and probably you can place a nikkyo spending 1/20 of the energies you spend on it now.

I mean: it is not simply a matter of knowing the technical side: it is most of all a matter of being comfortable in a setting where punches start landing on your face for, sadly, this is what may happen in a real fight.
If you know how to be calm under fire because you know how fire behaves, because you have been there already, then you will be ready to be "gentle" too.

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