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Re: Does Anybody Know Whether This Technique Has a Name?

Hi Michael

the first video is the closest to what happened, only as in the video I proposed earlier, they still "spin" their arm around uke's arm so that the eventual pressure is exerted from the inside of uke's arm. In my case it was exerted on the OUTSIDE.

If you do it on the outside, tenkan comes natural to you because it seems exactly the right thing to do to exploit the point of leverage - with "my" version it is impossible to bump into uke as you tenkan.

Get somebody have his straight right arm placed static (for demonstration purposes) in front of you.

Raise your right arm to hit his right elbow from down. Your right elbow is now placed nearly in front of ukle's face, while your right hand is placed in front of your own face.
Now push uke's arm aside _rightward_ (you are the point of reference for "rightward") - you are now on uke's right side as if you were doing an ikkyo.

Keep rolling your hand inside and keep rolling outside until you have your right hand on his elbow once again - his hand will slap under your armpit - if it doesn't, it just means you need to step slightly forward (irimi a bit).

Now you're set to tenkan: your tenkan will not be impeded by uke's body (as it would be if one does the technique as in the videos), because you're lateral to uke, on his right side and you are seeing his back. You have free way to tenkan sliding along his back, and it is the leverage plus the tenkan what makes the projection.

I have tried it in a gym (not a dojo yet) with a friend and it worked exactly as expected. I also told my friend to do that technique on me, the leverage and projection was immediate and yes, I could not stand back.

I know it is odd that such a thing had to came out from a "real" situation, out of an instinctive behaviour, and it is certainly funny that the only techniques close to it that you see on videos look like it but spin the arm counter-clockwise whereas I did clockwise.

However, I'd like to add that it is so effective, that if you can reproduce it, it is probably going to become one of your techniques of election.

Despite in my case it happened by "accident" under sort of a yokomenuchi, you can apply it in a variety of situations.

I regret I can't have a video of it. The videos you post are close, only they end up facing uke, which makes tenkan impossibile. "My" version seems better exactly inasmuch as it allows a prefect tenkan namely gives to tori the opportuity of exploiting leverage AND projection via the tenkan tangent force.

If you can reproduce it, it's worth the effort. It's very effective, you have one free arm to do whatever you want, and you see uke's back all the time so you have full control and uke has no chance of using his other arm against you or to grab you as he falls.

Sorry to be so "boring" with these descriptions, but eveidently it seems difficult, without a video, to explain "my" variation and how tenkan is the obvious thing to do next. It works so well that it's a pity not to give it a try.

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