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Re: Does Anybody Know Whether This Technique Has a Name?

Alberto Italiano wrote:
In the video uke spins his right arm around uke's right arm from up down and spins around anti-clockwise.
I span from down up, clockwise.

I think this is why i saw uks's back all the time, while in the video tori always faces uke.
The technique from the hapikido video works on more of a kote gaeshi/shiho nage principle.

That is not the sense that I got when I first read the description of "your technique."

Take a look at this video of a rapping [sic] elbow lock (I don't think spelling is his strong point!).

This is what I was invisioning. Except, of course, in "your tecnique" it is right arm on right arm, and was in response to a yokomen uchi-type strike. You would find yourself standing on the outside/back of uke after the initial blend.

In this position you can see how the off hand (left in your case) could assist with adding pressure to the lock.

The only problem I have with "your technique" is still the fact that you tenkan out of that position which seems awkward to me. But hey, if it works...

Now watch this video of mae otoshi, especially 0:14.

Was the application of "your technique" similar to this? Maybe uke didn't take a forward roll in your situation, but that is the way I imagined you applying the technique.

That is why, based on your description, I would say "your technique" is a variation of mae otoshi.

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