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Kevin Morrison
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Re: Does Anybody Know Whether This Technique Has a Name?

The universal answer to "what's this called" is "it depends who you're talking to". Sankyo, kote hineri, outer palm lock, straight wrist forearm hyper pronation are approximately the same thing but you change the label depending on the audience.

The position you describe is natural but there are several factors effecting what and how we practise in aikido. The naming system reflects this focus in our training.
To illustrate this point, we don't give specific names to the myriad of hold down used on a opponent on their back because we usually pin are partner on their front. Judo is the opposite with names for back down but not belly down pins.
Aikido doesn't have all the answers, let alone convenient ways of referencing the answers, because it hasn't been asked all the questions.

Personally I'd call the position you described a "long distance arm drag arm bar" or "that position Alberto described on aikiweb." If I was forced to shoe horn it into an aikido label I'd go with hije kime.

ps the postion has been refined and studied in wrestling to taking the shoulder instead of the elbow. I'd use the label that those who are most competent at it use.

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