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Re: The Bad Habits Thread


the bad habits are manifold.

1) Courtesy/ Behaviour:
- come too often too late
- wisecracking too often and too much
- listening only superficially to explanations from others and continuing to repeat your old errors
- impatience and exacerbation when a technique doesn't work
- ignoring newbies and wishing only to train with advanced grades
- intentionally blocking the partner's techniques in order to show him how inferior he is

2) Technical:
- leaning forward and losing balance
- bending arms and breaking the direction of the movement
- interrupting a movement thinking "it doesn't work"
- trying to compensate failure with force
- anticipating a technique or a fall
- as Abasan said, using only one hand and letting the other hang down limply
- tensing up during a technique
- accelerating the technique when coming to the final
- making lots of small steps instead of clear and precise Tai Sabaki
- unprecise, unfocussed and inefficient attacks

These are (with exception of the two last under "behaviour"!!!) the bad habits I am trying in vain to get rid off; there are certainly millions of others....

And I found that being able to identify your own deficiencies is not always the first step to improvement; I observe that there are lots of bad habits I perfectly know but am unable to prevent. But maybe that comes with time?

Best regards,

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