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Re: Half a Tatami

Hello Niall,

As has become your preference, you cut to the chase and focus on what is fundamentally relevant and appropriate. Thank you for your blogs and reminders that inform us of the crises that confront the Japanese people.

Here in the United States, we too have been confronted with nature’s whims, and are duly humbled by the attendant realities.

Indeed, we do need to relearn how to live within our means, with the tatami metaphors being aptly timely as reminders. I do not believe for an instant, however, that I personally could operate within one tatami, let alone of one.

Fujita Shihan was most fond of minimizing his movements, his sense of zanshin, and his ukes. I know that first hand, even as you do. We all wish him the best of care in his current spate of challenges.

We must all resolve to ride the waves of the future to better effect.
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