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Kevin Leavitt
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Great post Mike.

Now that I think about it, I think that is what Boddiharma meant by "all know the way, few walk it".

we can get these forums and talk, talk, talk, demostrating our explicit knowledge based on concepts and theories that we have learned conceptually or read somewhere.

Can't everyone who has studied aikido for at least a year conceptually understand how to do the perfect iriminage?

It is one thing to understand iriminage, another do be able translate it into action.

Along those it really necessary to be able to do a perfect iriminage to have tacit knowledge of aikido?

No, I think that the techniques you learn are never really mastered, they only help you "walk on the path"

This should not be taken as a cop out to not try and always do a better job or refine your technique, because if you do not try to seek improvement, you cease to walk the path, even if you are practicing in the dojo every single day!

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