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sorry I didn't elaborate, try not to tell "war" stories if I can help it.

Basically, I had him pinned up against the wall so he could not move off the wall without me hitting or kicking him. (kinda Muay Thai style).

He was a small guy, I am a big guy about 6 2, 230. He basically was trying to irimi around me and I would "box" him back in.

Saotome sensei got up against the wall and basically bent down at the waist drawing me down and slightly forward and grabbed my head and face planted me into the wall and ended up behind me.

Holding my nose in my hand, he basically said, "the problem you two are having is you see the wall as your enemy too". "the wall is your friend".

As best I can figure, the 5th Dan was fighting straight off the wall and into me trying to "fight through".

Saotome Sensei, basically leaned up against the wall, drew me in and placed my face on the wall before trying to irimi.

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