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Re: Does Anybody Know Whether This Technique Has a Name?

Alberto Italiano wrote: View Post
I don't know. I suppose it must have some name. It just seems so natural now it came into that struggle, and so effective and simple, that I am supposing it must have been codified somewhere already.
I don't think it's my invention gee.

ps if it is I retain the right to baptise it: and we shall call it: The Preacher (keep doing it to guess why) :-D

However, seriously: I think it is codified somewhere, maybe not in aikido?
I would say if as your facing him you are stepping through off line to the right then it is indeed a version of ikkyo. If you are stepping through to the left off line then the first part is half of iriminage and the second part half of ikkyo.

But that's analytical after the event. As Tony said it's just waza of which their is whatever happens based on aiki motion. You can analyze it after and then relate it to various standard techniques and learn from it. It's not exceptional, it's normal.

Having said that it sounds like you quite impressed yourself. Well done.

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