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UPDATE: For Sale: Books, Bujin Gi, SDK Bokken

Hi guys!

I've still got some items left. I've also updated with pictures of the Bujin Gi, and combined item pricing.

Bujin Design Women's Dogi Jacket
  • I have two Women's cut, size Large keiko gi jackets from Bujin Design. They are cut specifically to fit women, with breast darts, a narrower waist, and wider hips. They have ties at the hips to hold the gi closed, and I have. found this style has always stayed closed much better than the men's cut gi, and are much less bulky and more comfortable.

    One is the 12 oz. weight, and the other is 8.5 oz. weight. I have 7 of these gi total (I don't wear any other kind) and these two just never made it into my regular cycle of gi, so they've only been worn and washed one or two times. I've attached a few pictures of the gi.

    I see that Bujin Design is closed right now, but these used to sell for $82 for 12 oz. and $72 for 8.5 oz. I don't know anyone else who made such high quality women's cut gi.

    I'm selling the 12 oz. for $40 and the 8.5 oz for $35. I'll take $65 for both.




Martial Arts Related:
  • It's A Lot Like Dancing: An Aikido Journey -- Terry Dobson - $7
    Soft cover. Looks new. I love this book…

    Aikido and the New Warrior -- Edited by Richard Strozzi Heckler - $4
    Soft cover. Looks brand new.

    Aikido in Daily Life -- Koichi Tohei - $7
    1966 copy in great condition. Unmarked. Some sunbleach discoloration on spine, but doesn't interfere with legibility.

    I'll take $15 for all three.
Rare Books:
  • Samurai Aikijutsu -- Toshishiro Obata - $25
    RARE. Soft cover. Perfect condition.

    Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu: Conversations with Daito-ryu Masters -- Stanley A. Pranin - $35
    RARE. Soft cover. Looks brand new.

    The Aiki News Encyclopedia of Aikido -- Stanley A. Pranin - $20
    RARE. Soft cover. Some slight shelf wear.

    Budo Jiten (second edition) - $98
    VERY RARE. This is an excellent Japanese martial arts dictionary, including both Romanized Japanese and kanji and their English translations. For an example, I found one of my very old posts on Aikiweb

  • The I Ching -- Translated by Richard Wilhelm - $2
    Hard cover. Copyright 1950, 1974 printing. Dust cover is worn, and the book itself has some shelf wear, but is in overall good shape. Has a dedication on the first page.

    Meeting with Japan: A personal introduction to its people, their culture, and their history -- Fosco Maraini - $5
    Hard cover. 1959. Dust cover has slight wear, book in excellent shape.

    Discovering Kwan Yin Buddhist Goddess of Compassion: A Path Toward Clarity and Peace -- Sandy Boucher - $3
    Soft cover. Great condition.
  • RARE. Yasuo Kobayshi weapons video. - $50
I'll take $100 for all three.

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