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Are we really doing O'Sensei's Aikido?

I began Aikido training with very little awareness of O'Sensei's Aikido. I began with the belief that I could learn a great deal from the Sensei I chose to train under. I quickly learned that my Sensei was always trying to pass on to his students the Aikido O'Sensei had taught to him. I also saw this attitude was shared by visiting Senseis. Each of O'Sensei's direct students made great efforts to demonstrate to us the Aikido O'Sensei had taught them. And this was invariably followed by "Now you do it". This early experience has taught me that if you want to practice O'Sensei's Aikido you should seek out his first generation students or, if that isn't possible, then O'Sensei's second generation Shihans. At least that is my understanding but I do not have a lot of experience or practice so I apologize for my incomplete understanding. I hope it will not reflect poorly on the Sensei's I have been privileged to observe and hear speak.
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