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Re: YouTube: Neat ways to set up Kubinage...

David Soroko wrote: View Post
I also think that these throws bring into sharp focus the subject of "resisting a technique". It is obvious that in these cases "resistance" is very, very dangerous and will probably cause severe damage to the uke. The choice that faces the uke is to resist and be hurt or to blend and hope to reverse latter on or escape.
I think that's right on, from uke's point of view.
From nage's perspective, there is also though the idea of forcing a throw you "want" rather than letting it happen because you are actually getting it.
The videos show kata training, where uke is giving this throw to nage. We can learn the motions this way.

But in randori, if you "try" to do things they often don't work out. If there is kuzushi and the head is moving forward, that's one thing. But "I want to do kubi nage" could be a really bad thought for nage.. it should happen honestly, otherwise it could be quite dangerous. I'm thinking about yanking here, not the landing, as has been mentioned.
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