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Re: Tony Wagstaffe's Youtube Videos


I personally liked that video, it gives a very comprehensive overview over different techniques in that short time! I liked especially the counters to foot attacks and the ground techniques.

And I don't see why ukes should NOT be compliant in a demonstration video - the purpose is to show how the technique works ideally, isn't it? I also have my doubts that such a video is a sufficient mean to demonstrate the possibilities of dealing efficiently with resistant ukes; how would the person who films catch exactly the right angle and right position to focus on the movement that is decisive?
Last but not least, we made a photo gallery of our dojo, and I found that there were millions of errors to be detected in the frozen image that I never ever noticed during the flow of the movement (not my own, obviously...these are observed by the others ).
But I did not like too much the wide gaps between the tatamis; they look as if it is very easy to catch your toes in between!!

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(always watching aikido videos in silent mode!)
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