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Re: Dojo First Aid Kit

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
QuikClot, Bloodstop, etc. are all what are called hemostatic agents. Search on hemostatic on google for more sources. I would suggest it if you work with live blades. Yeah, it is a "hope to God you never need it", but it is also a thing you will thank God the rest of your life if you ever do.
I once got a remarkably nasty cut on my palm that was severe enough to cause me to reach for the QuikClot ... that time it really didn't work for me so I remain unconvinved of the utility beyond a pressure bandage. Also, quite tricky to apply one handed so be sure to have some friends around when getting cut.

If you can get it an epipen it comes in handy when needed and nothing else will replace it when you need it.

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