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Re: Are we really doing O'Senseis Aikido?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I face a whole bunch of people who....
"Remember a moment too....gained an insight into whole body feel, or think they felt this thing....or sort of got this feeling....or had this great night when things were clicking...."and so on and so on.
If people can not recite chapter and verse what they did and did not do,.,both internally. in connection or with aiki and also in waza ...then what does that say?

FWIW, I said wrist grabbing was a grossly inefficient training tool, it takes to long and is no guarantee of anything anyway.
Why spend forty years guessing- under groups of teachers that often treat us like second class citizens who don't understand because we're not Japanese or worse still ...apologize and tell us they only know how to teach by us stealing their technique.
Only to one day meet someone who is better than you and who can explain the how, why, and where English..and save you decades?
All training and all Aikido is most certainly NOT the same..
Just say'n
Hi Dan,
Thanks for the reply. I probably shouldn't have even mentioned my experience. I was just interested in hearing specifically what it is about wrist grabbing that makes it ineffective, and thought it might relate. Considering my lack of ability I should have probably assumed it didn't and stuck with the question itself.
So it's just ineffective? No specific reasons why?
Take care,
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