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Keith Larman
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Re: Dojo First Aid Kit

Since others have posted, a couple random observations.

QuikClot, Bloodstop, etc. are all what are called hemostatic agents. Search on hemostatic on google for more sources. I would suggest it if you work with live blades. Yeah, it is a "hope to God you never need it", but it is also a thing you will thank God the rest of your life if you ever do.

Also, if you can afford the price, an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) would be a great thing to have.

And yeah, liquid skin stuff really isn't intended to be shared.

Kinesiology tape if you have someone who knows how to use it. Nice to be able to wrap up a sprained ankle or knee for minor injuries.

Finally, something like Microcyn for cuts and abrasions. It is a non-prescription stuff that is great in killing even some of the nastiest bugs without antibiotics. Lord knows I get cut a lot and I swear by the stuff. And actually, I use the veterinarian version of the stuff, Vetericyn, since I can get it at my local pet store (same stuff). Good to put on dressings when covering a cut.

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