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Re: Dan Harden UK seminar-May 14-15th. Basics of Internal Power in the Martial arts

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Hi Dan I sent the below message a while ago. Any chance to be put on the waiting list.

Dear Mr Harden,

I only found out about you in the last few days. I practiced Aikido for a few years before moving on to Yiquan. What I have read in your post seem very similar to how my Yiquan instructor teaches. I'm also studying classical India martial arts.

I liked to be put on the waiting list for your seminar, "Dan Harden UK seminar-May 14-15th. Basics of Internal Power in the Martial arts".

Have you got future plans in holding more seminars in the UK?

Hello sir
While I don't know Yi quan -I have trained with any number of people who keep telling me that same thing. Well, they also tell me I feel like this taiji teacher or that Xing I guy, or I li Quan etc. I don't know Chinese arts, so I'll leave that to you folks.

The seminar in the Netherlands has a an opening or two and will be friendly and informative. Let's see if I am invited back to Engalnd or not-there are some people with agendas coming, so it might get interesting. I have about fifteen people on a wating list now, so even a second one is going to be tough to manage if there are return attendees. If we take out the agenda people (who won't come back anyway) that would probably put a second seminar somewhere in the 40 person range. I prefer keeping it to 20 or so so I can really work with people.
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