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Re: Basic Kamae - What to do when the Nage's fingers get grabbed

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
This was a perfectly good application of what I would call the "neutral pivot point". However, the fellow being countered wasn't running any real connection to the center. his energy was all at the wrist. So the counter worked just fine. It would not be as easy if the guy applying the "nikkyo" had some idea how to get "inside" his partner and touch his center. It's not a criticism... all counters are ipso facto only happening when the opponent has left an opening. A technique done really properly doesn't get countered. So, since they were showing the "counter" I wouldn't have expected any more emphasis on how to better do the nikkyo than there was.
Yes, I agree completely. There wasn't any wrist-center connection. I had my sensei do that kosadori nikkyo similar to the video. Done properly, this hurts MORE than the basic nikkyo and it hurts like hell. What I was told was to imagine cutting uke's belly with a sword (open hand, either a shomen or diagonal belly cut ) or revving a motorcycle handle (if ukes wrist is grabbed) but in both instances always attacking/piercing ukes hara.

Plus the instant that both uke and nage's tegatanas make contact for the nikkyo, uke should already be (or going) down and grimacing in pain. The more you try to get up, the more pain you experience. In the video, it looks like the nage still needs to make very large adjustments in order for the technique to work, that's why uke has a lot of time to counter.
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