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Re: Are we really doing O'Senseis Aikido?

Lee Crockett wrote: View Post
Christopher Lee -then you know information i dont.

In the video clips i have seen of M. Saito, he clearly states that it is his duty to preserve the teachings of the Founder without his own interpretation for future generations.

If we ASSUME, this to be mostly correct, then Iwama Aikido should be the closest to what the Founder taught, when we know that Iwama Aikido is very different to the Hombu.

They shouldnt be that different.
Well, there indeed seems to be information you dont have - have you read Peter Goldsbury's columns on this site, for example? Ellis Amdur's book "Hidden in Plain Sight"? If not, you would probably find it helpful, though it would challenge your assumptions. At least the idea that Morihei Ueshiba taught something structured that could be truthfuly and exactly replicated is somewhat dated in the light of that research. It rather sems he left "parcels" of instruction to different students according to - well, we really dont know according to what ...

Saito Sensei himself is on record as having said he came up with some forms long after O-Sensei's death at the occasion of some prestigious aikido demo.

If you assume that whatever someone says on video about the legitimacy of their own work to be automatically true, well, I am sorry but I will call that a little naive. Though, just in order not to be misunderstood, I have greatest respect for the Iwama lineage, and practice with Saito students regularly.

You might also do some more research on the lineages of at least Seiseki Abe Sensei and Hikitsuchi Sensei, and on Hirokazu Kobayashi. It's not a case of Iwama vs Honbu, really.

And so on.... really most of this discussion feels a little dated somehow.... if you like to believe that what Saito did was the best because Saito said so, go ahead. If you are really looking for a greater picture, I am afraid you have reading to do.

I wont repeat myself on static vs. non static....
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