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Re: Are we really doing O'Senseis Aikido?

A lot of interesting comments on the thread, but my point in the initial thread has become more apparent in the discussion.

As I stated, the original students of O’Sensei, after he died, all went off and started teaching their own interpretation of what O’Sensei had disseminated.

All except M. Saito, who stated repeatedly that his focus on training was to preserve the techniques the founder had left in their form before the founder died.

This training, preserved today in Iwama, is hard strong Kotai training, for which M. Saito was told that all students were to train in this way until 3rd Dan before Jutai, Ekitai and Kitai training which focuses more on Kokyu Royku,

Even on this thread we have had statements how this sort of training would be boring and that it wouldn’t attract many students. And that is true. Students today want to throw people around to take large ukemi, using momentum and strength rather than focus on the basics found in Kotai.

And here we have the essence of my point. This type of hard, solid training was CHANGED by the first Doshu into the training we see today, where movement is made before any contact.

There has been reference to the fact that movement is blending, well im sorry, but this is not the blending that the likes of Kanshu. Sunadomari are on about.

This type of blending takes control of Uke totally, resulting in the combination of Tori and Ukes Centre.

I know from my own training that moving before a contact does not result in the blending of centres. It might make a contact at the contact point, but it does not take TOTAL control of Ukes centre.

This can only be achieved by solid Kotai training.

If you cannot take total control of Ukes centre, then you cannot throw that person.

Anyone who has trained with me will tell you I am a total sceptic about things working. I have to FEEL them work before I believe them. I am quite strong but more significantly very stiff. 99% of students cannot even do basic techniques on me. And I don’t mean I deliberately oppose the movement, I apply neutral strength.

But my instructor, no matter how strong I hold, or the strongest members of the club, he does the techniques effortlessly. It’s not muscle on muscle, its soft, blending and taijitsu, some of which I am now starting to develop myself.

This is what I believe the Founders Aikido to be, and this is what I want to pursue. But let’s not kid ourselves that which is being promoted today is the Founders Aikido.

It is a derivation from the fist Doshu.

It’s nice to know that others share the same goal too.
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