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Mike Sigman
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Re: playing with weight and a question

Hunter Lonsberry wrote: View Post
As I said earlier, I feel this load in the crotch, in particular the kua as shown above or the perineum, but definitely more the kua. I don't generally feel it in the area associated with the dantien. Is this because the muscles in the crotch area are so weak that they need to be built up first? Am I focusing on the wrong thing or you will wind up feeling the loads in a number of places in the lower torso.
Hi Hunter:

Reading your question and knowing that you're an Akuzawa guy, I suddenly thought to ask what Akuzawa might possibly do for down-weighting situations like you're describing. I know that he has the "push-out" thing you mentioned above (for groundpath stuff) and I was wondering if he also had something similar to practice for down-weighting?


Mike Sigman
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