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Re: Basic Kamae - What to do when the Nage's fingers get grabbed

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
tough call though. against someone who knows what they are doing like the chin-na folks, might as well sacrifice the finger(s) and kick the bugger, that is if you could at all. found this reversal which is kinda interesting against a nikkyo. of course if you ran into fingers like those of rock climbers, they are pretty tough to deal with.

There was absolutely no kazushi in that video clip, so it is not surprising that this person had an opportunity to do a counter. If the nikyo was executed with the person's center being disturbed, I do not think that the person would be so successful in countering. I think that some people make a mistake of simply attacking the wrist (or any particular joint with joint locks) on a nikyo without any connection and unbalancing (or jamming) of the person's center.


Marc Abrams
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