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Re: Basic Kamae - What to do when the Nage's fingers get grabbed

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
tough call though. against someone who knows what they are doing like the chin-na folks, might as well sacrifice the finger(s) and kick the bugger, that is if you could at all. found this reversal which is kinda interesting against a nikkyo. of course if you ran into fingers like those of rock climbers, they are pretty tough to deal with.
Nothing is absolute Phi, people have trouble getting stuff on me unless they get it patt..... Being a sparks for 20 years does develop strong fingers and forearms as anybody who uses their fingers and wrists a lot in a manual skilled job.... nowadays it's all power tools, where as we didn't have any when I was doing up full time up until1986. I still keep my hand in with plenty of DIY projects around the house, by the time you set up the power tool (lazy sods) it's done. These new guys in the trade are amazed at how fast I can home in a screw either hand and not the one your're thinking of either.....
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