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Re: Are we really doing O'Senseis Aikido?

James Wyatt wrote: View Post
With regards to training it is quite simple, "each to their own". Everyone should find a sensei who they like, respect and feel comfortable with. It is also important to remember being tori is only 50% of the practice. In O'Sensei' s class everyone had to give a proper and committed attack. Therefore 50% of your class and tuition should be on the attack and the ukemi.

Whilst I have trained with a concentration on kotai, it is also balanced with jutai and some ryu tai. Kotai is not about strength, it is about technique. I am 6'5'' and 210 lbs and have been thrown around like a rag doll by some very slight people and found excruciating pain in the application.

I have respect for all styles, some focus on the martial and some on the art. I believe martial comes first and the art will follow.
I'm with you until that last sentence. What you describe does not sound very martial at all. I believe you are postponing martial training until you have developed a certain amount of kokyu power.

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