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Re: Are we really doing O'Senseis Aikido?

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
So you should just allow your uke to take a firm grip on you and then practice technique statically for ten years before even starting to enter before contact or flow with an attack?

Interesting. Not a bad idea, but you are not going to be attracting a lot of new students over the age of 40, and the smaller, less muscular people are going to immediately sign up at the BJJ place across the street.
Well Ueshiba was small and muscular, He told Saito to muscle up a bit with some form of weight training, railway track I'm told, as he probably couldn't afford a decent multi gym , (nor I come to that ) Ueshiba was afraid that he might not be able to handle some of the naturally stronger types that were entering the dojo?
I've met many small people who are small in stature, but are very muscular and strong, even in their forties... I'm reasonably muscular at 57, but it is beginning to sag a bit even though I still train isometrics, Those BJJ er's aren't exactly short of a bit of muscle themselves....
Why is it people want to do aikido but are not prepared to do the the extra curricular to improve their waza or increase their core strength, Isometrics is a very simple way of doing that, yet it is neglected....
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