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Basia Halliop
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Re: YouTube: Neat ways to set up Kubinage...

Not only does nage have no need to grab uke's head or neck, from a purely technical perspective it's the most inefficient and ineffective way to practice non-lethal Aikido. Monty and Matthew mentioned it's popular with ego-pandering WWF because it simulates and satiates a representation of lethal violence. O Sensei didn't randomly exclude kubinage from his training. There's no separation between nage and uke. Whatever disrespect nage gives uke, nage gives himself. Progress happens when violence or violent representations are no longer normalized or justified. Our society, our culture, our language is filled with violence, but that's precisely why we're in this mess(reference to recent discussions in open topics forum nuclear thread).
I'm not sure I understand. Do you believe that head throws are literally more dangerous and more likely to cause serious injury or death than other Aikido techniques? Or are you saying that they look more violent and feel more violent and should be discouraged for that reason?
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