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Re: Tanto Practice - Is true Aikido effective for disarming?

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I do not associate or train with Mr. Harden, but I have been told that he likes khukuris. I have a few of these knives, though,
I like Kurki for general all around cutting, camping and field work. NOT for a tactical weapon. For that I would prefer a clip point recurved bowie.

for big knives I generally prefer a fighting bowie. In recent tests of a pair of Cold Steel Bowies (a San Mai III Laredo Bowie and San Mai III TrailMaster) that I conducted for a magazine article,
I'm not a fan of factory produced blades. They are not capable of equaling a first class hand forged blade for many reasons. I knew and spoke with the consulting smith behind the cold steel effort and the "story behind the story" with the alleged proprietary steel and so on. It was as good an effort you can get from a factory knife-but it is still a factory produce blade.
My knives are hand forged and tempered (by me) with four different heat treat and tempered zones; Hard edge, slightly less in the point, spring tempered spine and ductile tang. Thus you can pry and puncture and yet hold and edge very well. Most any competent smith can produce the same product.

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