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Re: Tanto Practice - Is true Aikido effective for disarming?

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I'd say there is a pretty fair chance of that. I didn't know about this seminar till right now. Kind of steep for one day, but it should be fun.
James can offer you the same thing that you can find with myself and others like me; koryu principles applied to modern combatives. James's are more in a military/LEO format but it's all good.
As I have said in the past-information is not all the same. There are some extremely valuable lessons to be learned from koryu. And for those that take them from kata to freestyle..they prove to be efficient and as deadly as their original intent.
It is unfortunate that you cannot readily see them in kata-as most arts hide their real intent. Its not an excuse or an apology, it is just often times quite surprising (when you gain access) to see what is behind what you publicly see to what the real purpose is/ was. For that reason the more experienced people will hesitate to comment, or at least heavily qualify their opinions of their public omote kata.

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