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Re: Tanto Practice - Is true Aikido effective for disarming?

Jon Holloway wrote: View Post
Tony, the last time I was sent over the pond for work I ended up in Eastern Europe for a bit. My wife has an uncle over in the UK, and I have some guys in Lightning Scientific Arnis that I have talked with over the years and with whom I would love to meet up with and do some cross-training (one is a "copper" and really good stick fighting man). The wife and I were planning on going over to see her uncle awhile back, but, with four active kids (the oldest 11 years old), my work, and other issues, it is not happening for awhile. If I do get over for work (which is always a possibility), I will definitely look you up and we can train a bit. Since I never could get the hang of driving on the side of the road you Brits seem to favor, I'd need a good cabbie to drive me around anyway, that is if I did not want to drive a rental car into somebody's new Jag or Bentley

If you or Henry Ellis ever make it to Northeastern Ohio, look me up. I always have extra room in the house. It is a big rambling place filled with kids, dogs, and cats, (and a gun safe full of blades and other sundry devices).

Take care and keep training hard,

Now there's a possiblity? I'd love to become a skilled butcher as my uncle was one and quite good with his knives, not in the martial sense of course.....
I was wondering what I could do for a holiday next year? Know what Jon? I might just take you up on that..... I would love to see you guys in action and maybe get some more insight.... I'm doing Tokyo this year due to the kindness of a family's daughter, that we looked after for 4 years, so once I've recovered from that expense, I'll hopefully scrape together some dosh and do a pond hop. Month too long? Or is that hoping for too much? Honest I'm not cheeky.....
Don't mind helping out with the bills.....
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