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Re: Is Aikiweb an open Aikido Forum ? Or is it a

Graham Jenkins wrote: View Post
Hahaha. Tony: your inferiority complex is absurd.
I've had less compliance than displayed by your aiki-bunnies when playfighting (I loved the one bit where the guy does a weird running punch thing; i've not yet learned that in Muay Thai...).
It's called 'Not being humoured so you can save face.'; try it some time - if you have the bottle.

You caught a jo, going full-speed in a shomen strike, with your hand. That's stupid, and only worked because - as with everything in that video - your ukes are ultra-compliant (ironically).
I wonder if you can cite a respected weapons teacher who trains people to do that, as it's safe, and effective...

I see no connection to uke in any of your techniques; no relaxation in your posture; your ma-ai during the weapons work is non-existent - as is the power in your strikes; and after you throw someone, you frequently stumble and have to regain your balance: bad aikido.

If you fail even in a no pressure, compliant situation such as this, then how are you expected to succeed in a pressurised, non-compliant scenario?

Take care.
Oh I forgot to mention I am slightly paralysed in one leg due to a carotid contusion I suffered in 1979, recovered most of my ability, but now have a permanent limp, I still entered competition randori even though I was warned against it, I am often jokingly called the one legged "samurai" But I don't let it bother me..... as I said put up or shut up, better still go and play with your kind daddy....
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